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Misfits Inc.

Post Apocalyptic Zombie Slaying Grunge Punks Kickin Wkd Mad Skillz

A Wicked Ragtag Cast of Zombie Slaying Grunge Punks livin' it up in the fractured remains of the Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian Wasteland.

deadly flu pandemic gripped the planet, vaccines were useless and trigger fingers got itchy. Turns out that for our rich, elitist leaders, when all else fails the very best way to eradicate a terribly inconvenient blight is to nuke the arse out of the vermin carrying it… in this case, the majority of the general population.

Missiles were fired, bombs exploded, the Virus (and most of humanity) wiped out… tits.

Those who didn’t perish in this armageddon emerged from the ashes of the past and rebuilt their lives in a very different world, a world rife with danger, sharp corners, and even less bog roll than before. 

Tackling this lawless, dystopian future head-on are the self-proclaimed Lords of the Wasteland… Misfits Inc… Now they traverse the remains of our fallen society with style and aplomb whilst tackling a host of confusing, chaotic, self-indulgent, ill-fitting plot devices introduced at the whim of the creative deity.

Whether it’s visiting Parallel Universes, traveling forward in time to stop the inevitable gestation and hatching of Hitler II, or battling an army of giant Mecha Spiders, (or just their own veritable top-shelf cocktail of neuroses,) our bunch of Anti-hero, Outcast, Misfits will be liberally stretched and worked into whatever overtly construed situation takes our fancy at any given moment.

Misfits Inc. Art & Design With Attitude

Unique Kickass Artwork featuring the Misfits Inc Cast and more from the Vanity Killed Universe

Misfits Inc. Clothing Brand

Misfits Inc Hoodies - T-shirts & Headwear Featuring Original Artwork and Branding Straight from the Unique World of Misfits Inc. Loads of Skulls, Cheques, Stars, and Stripes, Cult Style, Zombies, Slashers, Hoodrides and Fallen Dystopian Worlds. Perfect clobber for even your most discerning CyberPunk...

Misfits Shop Alternative Clothing
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